Technological innovation during COVID-19


Nowadays every industry is faced with the challenge of adapting quickly to the changing circumstances derived from the COVDID-19 crisis. In order to truly develop into digitally well-positioned companies, organisations must apply an agile interaction between employees and systems. They must also be able to easily cope with changes, adapt quickly to new and unforeseen developments. Moreover, times have changed rapidly due to technological innovations underpinning the need for new services, solutions and opportunities to run companies

National health authorities, medical staff and organizations are working hard to contain the spread of the virus and continue to avoid an overloaded health system. In these unprecedented times, the challenge is to ensure the best possible treatment for all patients. People with COVID-19 must be identified, those with symptoms as well as without, in order to act accordingly. People at home also need accurate information on how to get tested for the virus, when to follow self-quarantine, and what other options are available.

Together with Salesforce, Deloitte designed an accelerator to support remote administration, monitoring and patient management. The ConvergeHealth Connect for Crisis Response has been built upon the Salesforce Health Cloud and an innovative AI-based triage tool with clinical prediction technology from Diagnostic Robotics.

The Main capabilities of the accelerator include:

Medical teams

  • Management support of medical care plans based on a unified protocol
  • Smart digital triage
  • Task automation
  • Remote treatment using digital medical tools
  • Management of remote care teams

Health care systems

  • Automatic risk stratification
  • Remote treatment plans based on a unified protocol
  • Real-time documentation, monitoring, and identification


  • Digital tools for increased patient empowerment
  • Remote education, communication, and support for patients and their families