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E-mobility in the emergency services – is it worth making the switch?

Whether cars, scooter sharing systems or the increasing number of privately used e-bikes, e-mobility has long since…

COV_19: Further measures by the European Commission to stop the virus

The Commission proposed to purchase additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by BioNTech and Pfizer. AT…

How technology creates more human proximity

Human versus machine: This discussion has been going on for many years when it comes to artificial intelligence…

In an emergency, the tele-emergency doctor arrives

Paramedics on the ground can use all the extra help they can get. The Red Cross of Lower Austria is therefore…

MobiKa – new robotic assistance system for the household

Various illnesses or old age demand help in everyday life. But relatives or nursing staff are not always available.…

Information transmission from the ambulance with 5G

When providing first aid to patients at the scene of an emergency, emergency responders have so far been cut off…
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