As a part of the knowledge exchange and the EMS ecosystem analysis the iProcureSecurity consortium conducted workshops with a broad range of stakeholders including EMS practitioners and other specialists with relevant background and experience with the aim to provide valuable input for the development of strategies on running participatory research and innovation. The workshops sought among others to identify the different methods used by EMS organizations to assess their capability gaps and involve in procuring R&D services to tackle their needs. In total nine workshops were conducted and attended by practitioners from different organizations together with representatives from the research and industry spheres and higher-level decisionmakers.

Four of the events were organized by the Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC). The workshops were moderated by experts from the field who provided a brief introduction and presentation on each topic, i.e. EMS organization and structure, supported by facts and figures. The workshops aimed at the collection of information, knowledge, and experience to generate a comprehensive understanding of the Emergency Medical Services in Europe, including their systems, structures, cooperation mechanisms, capability gaps and challenges.

Acil Ambulans Hekimleri Derneği (AAHD) organized five workshops for the assessment of different practitioner capabilities with regards to the involvement of procurers in the innovation cycle. The attendants of workshops included practitioners from different organizations and other relevant players from the industry and research fields. The workshops sought to identify and analyze the different strategies applied by the participants to evaluate their needs and tackle these challenges in their EMS systems.

Further workshops are planned for the upcoming months.

Due to COVID-19 future events announced on the iProcureSecurity platform can be postponed and rescheduled for a later date.
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