Medical Emergency Teams (METs) represent the key component of the Emergency Medical Services Systems (EMSS) across Europe. However, based on various conditions EMTs show significant differences in their composition, employment standards and deployment capabilities. This and outer challenges such as climate change, terrorism and health related are calling for closer cooperation of public safety and health authorities on a European and international level as well.


iProcureSecurity seeks to intensify cross-border collaboration between practitioners and foster operational, procedural and technical standardization between the various EMSS across Europe. It delivers technical requirements for the development of innovative products and solutions in the Emergency Medical Services field and enables production organizations and service suppliers to participate on an equal footing in the Pre-Commercial Procurement phase.


iProcureSecurity will create a Pan-European Network of practitioners, and any other relevant stakeholders from the EMS sector to identify the capability gaps between the different EMSS across Europe, assess the innovation needs and deliver technical requirements that can act as ready-to-use tender documents for the Pre-Commercial Procurement action. Finally, it creates a sustainable network that runs beyond the scope of the project.

The Project

In response to the fragmentation of Emergency Medical Services in Europe and the pluralistic landscape of practitioners, the iProcureSecurity project aims to identify the capability gaps of the European emergency ecosystem, to monitor research and development initiatives and, finally, to define the needs and technical documentation for the innovation procurement phase.

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The Team

The consortium brings together a balanced combination of capabilities with regards to research on medical emergency, experiences from field operations, expertise in procurement and on assessment of societal aspects while the number of partners ensures that European countries (7 from different European regions) are well represented as this specific action wishes to provide a scalable system at European level.

The Concept

iProcureSecurity aims at creating a Pan-European Network of medical emergency teams together with medical associations, research and innovation providers, medicine related media any other relevant stakeholders in order to identify and tackle capability gaps and innovation needs to foster greater involvement of stakeholders in innovation procurement.