April 2022 XVIII Congresso Nazionale SIS 118 Sabaudia


Homepage: https://www.sis118.org/18-congresso-nazionale-sis-118-sabaudia-lt/

The primary objective of Società Italiana Sistema 118 (SIS 118) is to ensure, at national level, the maximum qualification of the 118 Territorial Emergency System (SET-118) 118 (SET-118), organically understood as a set of 118 Operations Centers and Territorial Rescue Networks, through the dissemination to its members of the best and most advanced scientific knowledge on the subject. of the best and most advanced scientific knowledge in the field, in order to constantly ensure constantly to all those who find themselves in a health emergency situation a timely and effective rescue intervention and a subsequent hospitalization (art. 2.5 of the Statute). The members adhere to this essential and unavoidable purpose.

The 118 Territorial Emergency System (SET 118) is the institution provided for by the National Health System (SSN), and by the Regional Health Systems (SSR), aimed at guaranteeing, in a time-dependent operational context, the best possible response to all situations of medical assistance. possible health care response to all clinical situations of emergency and urgent health care and urgent health situations, i.e. of obvious or potential danger of life, from its first occurrence, as well as maxi-emergency/catastrophe; reduces the “therapy-free interval”, from the moment of the onset of the event to the moment of the event’s onset to the moment of the administration of adequate care, with the priority aim of reducing, in a statistically statistically significant reduction of avoidable deaths and serious permanent disabilities of a traumatic and non-traumatic nature. serious, traumatic and non-traumatic disabilities; counteracts and slows down the clinical evolution towards irreversibility in the management of of acute, time-dependent pathologies susceptible to rational therapeutic treatment in emergencies administered directly at the scene of the event and in itinere; manages and coordinates the primary time-dependent centralization of acute and critical patients rescued on the territory to the appropriate hospitals, avoiding, in this way, potentially lethal losses of time in the dynamics of the care process; after having been provided with specifically dedicated personnel and means, it guarantees the secondary inter-hospital emergency transport for acute time-dependent pathologies, according to time-dependent acute illnesses, according to agreed-upon procedures; carries out a “filter action on minor acuities” by means of its mobile and fixed medical stations, as well as by means of the Territorial First Aid Points (PPITs), which are located in the territory. Territorial First Aid Points (PPIT), in order to significantly reduce the percentage of improper improper access to hospital emergency rooms

  April 2022