Homepage: https://2022.automahealth.com/

AUTOMA+ is an annual closed-door Healthcare networking congress which gathers innovators in the healthcare industry with the main goal to contribute to further development of ongoing digital health trends. Among topics raised are sustainability, patient centricity, data management, security and privacy, virtual care, AI assistants and many others.

During 2 days of intensive networking participants get direct access to the whole value chain of the industry. This year AUTOMA+ is gathering industry leaders from hospitals & healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental bodies and institutions together with medical device manufacturers, service companies and start-ups to discuss innovative solutions and business practises and share the lessons learned.


Business Program of AUTOMA+ 2022 is created to cover the burning issues of the healthcare industry. It was formed in cooperation with our long-term partners from leading hospitals & healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and governmental bodies.

To make the Program perfect every topic is approved by the Project Director and only then added to the Program. We want our audience to learn from the speakers and presentations to provoke discussions, thus, each case-study is an indicator of BGS Group knowledge about the automation and digitalization of healthcare.


     Zurich (Switzerland)