14.-19.06.2022 International Conference on Emergency Medicine


Homepage: https://icem2022.com/

On behalf of ACEM, IFEM and the 21st International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM) Organising Committee, I would like to extend a warm invitation to you to attend, participate in and contribute to ICEM 2022. This conference promises to be a milestone meeting, a chance to advance IFEM’s position as a leader in global emergency medicine, and an incredible opportunity to contribute to better emergency healthcare across the globe.

The conference theme is Better Care for a Better World, a goal we are all striving to achieve. This theme encapsulates why we work in emergency medicine and why we provide emergency care.

As clinicians, physicians, nurses, aid workers and disaster experts in countries across the world – developing and developed – we all share that same goal – we all work towards a better world. We see and work for a world where healthcare is accessible for all – where healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

This conference is about how we can try to achieve that goal. We will hear from experts across the globe about how emergency care – the frontline of healthcare – is demonstrating success and where we need to provide more support in research, education, training and advocacy; advocacy for rational resource stewardship, the health of our planet and equity of healthcare provision.

The conference will showcase presentations on advances in care systems, research, trauma, paediatrics, toxicology and aged care. We will have a blend of live and virtual events, embracing the technological advances we’ve experienced through the pandemic, and will discuss how we take further advantage of these innovations for improved healthcare and health systems.

But, most excitingly, we hope to have you in Melbourne, in person, or on our shared platforms, to play your part in helping us provide “Better care for a Better World”.

So, put the dates in your calendars, prepare your abstracts, update your profile photo and – maybe, hopefully – dust off your passports.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Read more about us on their website: https://icem2022.com/


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