11.-13.11.2021 XXI National Congress of Clinical Engineers – AIIC (Milan)


Homepage: https://www.convegnonazionaleaiic.it/informazioni-generali/

The first goal after COVID-19 for the health of our country is to restore the National Health Service. Only in this way can we guarantee service, quality, system dynamics, true innovation and adaptability. All this will be possible thanks to guaranteed economic resources within the PNRR and the availability of all institutional, clinical, organizational and productive subjects. In practice, we will have the perfect opportunity to move towards a new SSN: We cannot waste it.

For this reason, for its National Conference, AIIC wants to involve all stakeholders of the Italian healthcare system – the world of politics, healthcare institutions, representatives of the regions, citizens’ and patients’ associations, scientific societies, universities and research – in a timely analysis of the current SSN and how it is possible to “lead” it towards a real system of quality and technological innovation. Always with health needs and true professionalism at the center.


     Milan (Italy)